Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sexy Girls Doing Dutty Wine

Ignore the guy in the pink shirt for one second (MEN SHOULD NOT DUTTY WINE). However this dutty wine contest consisted of some very sexy women. It seems like apart from wearing a hair weave, the next best asset in a dutty wine competition is having a very very well proportioned body. Some people naturally wont have this, but with the plastic surgery being so popular nowadays, it takes nothing for a woman to get breast augmentation plastic surgery (Breast Implants) and buttock plastic surgery. This surely enhances everything done with the dutty wine. So women take heed, to be enticing make sure your hair is on point and make sure you invest some money on breast plastic make sure you are the perfect dutty wine specimen.

Please do not take me seriously.....dutty winee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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