Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dutty Wine Show Banned in British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands government has banned a “Dutty Wine” show featuring Jamaican DJ and song writer Tony Matherhorn.

The show was scheduled for this weekend but Chief Minister Dr. Orlando Smith said over the past several days, he and his ministerial colleagues had been inundated with telephone calls "from an overwhelmingly high number of concerned citizen of the public, young and old," about the weekend show.

Dr. Smith said the government would not allow the weekend performance of that show and that the decision came after meetings between the promoters and the Chief Minister’s Office.

According to Dr. Smith, the government required application process to hold the show was incomplete and he was also concerned about the life-threatening consequences associated with the dance.

As a result the decision was made to ban the show.
Really now, whats up with that. The people in the British Virgin Islands need to chill out, the dutty wine controversy continues once again

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